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We believe the future can be better than the present. When we combine the power of whole food nutrients, herbs, and a wholistic approach, we have the power to facilitate that goal.  

Brian Foltz

Brian Foltz

Independent Sales Representative / Owner

Brian has been in the natural health world since 2005 when he started as a nutritional consultant in a chiropractic office. He is here to assist you with his knowledge of clinical and professional applications of whole food concentrates and herbal remedies. He strives to help you make a difference in your clients’ lives with a holistic approach through diet modification, lifestyle adjustments, and the proper nutrient support. He had been serving as an Associate Sales Representative in Western PA for the past 10 years.

Ph: (724) 237-5972, Ext 2

Email: bfoltz@wholistichealthofpa.com

Jessica Sharbaugh

Jessica Sharbaugh

Associate Sales Representative

Jessica has over 15 years of customer service and sales experience. As a working mom with two kids and active in her community and church, she knows the demands of a busy life and the vital role a healthy lifestyle plays in keeping up with those demands. Jessica’s passion for health and wellness is a perfect marriage with MediHerb, Standard Process, and the Whole Food Philosophy. She has used these supplements to support her family for the past decade and they are part of her family’s daily routine. 

Ph: (724) 237-5972, Ext 3

Email: jsharbaugh@wholistichealthofpa.com

Suzette Flores

Suzette Flores

Event Coordinator

Suzette has been part of the Standard Process family for over 10 years and has gained a great appreciation for the role nutrition plays in a healthy lifestyle. She will be working with the Wholistic Health of PA team to coordinate and keep you informed of events designed to further your education.

Ph: (724) 237-5972, Ext 1

Email: sflores@wholistichealthofpa.com


Whether you offer nutrition in your practice already or need some help getting started, we are here to support you!

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