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Brian Foltz

Brian Foltz


“I believe the future can be better than the present. When we combine the power of whole food nutrients, herbs, and a wholistic approach, we have the power to facilitate that goal.” 

Brian Foltz is the founder and owner of Wholistic Health of PA. He is passionate about helping others live their best life through natural health practices and lifestyle modifications. 

Since 2005, Brian has been in the natural health world where he started as a nutritional consultant in a chiropractic office in western Pennsylvania.


Serving as an Associate Sales Representative for Standard Process Inc. for the past 10 years, and most recently as an Independent Sales Representative, Brian has acquired a deep knowledge and understanding of how to live healthier and better–naturally. 

With years of acquired knowledge of clinical, professional, and personal applications of nutritional therapies and herbal remedies, Brian is here to assist you and your clients with a holistic approach through diet modification, lifestyle adjustments, and the proper nutrient support. 


Brian is eager to provide you with educational resources and information as well as natural health productsand other successful strategies to help you attain and exceed your personal and professional goals.

Contact Brian to learn more about the following services:


  • natural health supplement information
  • educational workshop facilitation for your clients
  • professional development for your staff
  • podcast guesting
  • business opportunities 


Ph: (724) 237-5972, Ext 2

Email: bfoltz@wholistichealthofpa.com