Live with Brian

“Live with Brian” virtual sessions are designed to provide you and your team with valuable and timely information on a range of topics from product recommendations, practice management tips, and much more.

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The Power of Potential

Join us for a virtual presentation where our founder, Brian Foltz, will share an educational webinar: The Power of Potential. 

This virtual presentation includes:

  • information about an exciting breakthrough biotechnology with the power to help you & your patients achieve optimal health
  • scientific research from health industry professionals
  • Opportunities for business growth & development 


How to Accelerate Your Business in This Uncertain Time

Integrating nutrition into your practice is one way to support your patients while adding an additional stream of passive income to grow your business.

In this month’s Live with Brian training, we are hosting 3 colleagues who’ll share their experiences of integrating Standard Process & MediHerb into their natural health practices.

Whether you are new to these products or have been using them for quite some time, we are confident you will learn some practical “tricks-of-the-trade” to apply to your business immediately.

We will cover topics such as:

  • how their practices have changed (for the better!) as a result of integrating SP/MH
  • the SP/MH difference in supplementation
  • what you should definitely do and NOT do when using supplements in your practice

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Grow your natural health practice! Simple, practical (and FREE) marketing tips & tools to expand your business in 2022 and beyond!

If you’re looking to grow your business without having to spend thousands of dollars in marketing, you must join us for this session.

We are focusing on growing your business through scalable marketing efforts.

Frannie Foltz, founder and owner of Shine with Frannie, will join for an interactive marketing session where you will receive practical tools to implement immediately in your 2022 marketing plan.

Frannie will share ways to:

  • identify ways to increase revenue with your current client base (retaining current clients is easier than finding new ones!)
  • reimagine and restructure your current services into scalable, replicable programs to grow your business while supporting your clients on their health journey (work smarter not harder!)
  • package services to meet your clients’ health goals and financial means (meet them where they are!)
  • create a month of social media content–and even email campaigns (without having to hire a copywriter!)

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Pre- and Post-Injection Support: Strategies for Today’s Patients | Special Guest: Michael Gaeta, DAOM, MS, CDN, Dipl Ac

Significant safety concerns have prompted clients and practitioners to seek natural solutions to try and reduce the possible or potential risk of unwanted unpleasantness. In this timely webinar, taught by a 31-year clinician, you will learn specific support strategies for attempting to minimize the risk of injury, using nutritional and herbal support, and have the opportunity to ask questions, as time allows.

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Supporting the 11 Body Systems | Special Guest: Jen Franco

Earlier this month, we had the honor of hosting and learning from Jen Franco of Society of Wellness for a 2-day seminar. Great news! She will be returning to share more insight from the course, “Supporting the 11 Body Systems”

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Women's Health


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Strategies for Quality Sleep

We’ve all heard that optimal sleep should be around 8 hours per night, yet many of us don’t get close to that. Did you know that could be sabotaging your health? Join me this month as I cover the following topics:

  • Why prioritize sleep
  • Healthy sleep habits to consider
  • How to support the body to achieve quality sleep

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Back to School Brain and Immune Boosters for Kids

Everyone wants to see kids excel, so it is our responsibility to set them up for success for the upcoming school year! Immune challenges are always present and this year is definitely no exception. Join Brian for this month’s LWB: (Insert title) He’ll be covering ways you can support the immune system and boost brain power for kids headed back to the classroom. 


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Optimal Brain Function: Support for brain freeze, trauma, and neurological disorders

Have you ever had to deal with any of these?

– Brain freeze… not the kind from ice cream. 

– Brain trauma of any severity

– Neurological and nervous system disorders

If you have, you wont want to miss this LWB session. I will be discussing my nutritional recommendations and suggestions on how to best work with these very common issues. 


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The Skin You're In: From the Outside - In

Last month we learned how to nourish your skin from the inside out. This time, join me as I discuss how to take care of your skin from the outside in. Proper care on the outside is just as important as nourishing from the inside! Mark your calendar for this session. I’ll cover topicals, wounds, burns, etc. See you then!


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The Skin You're In: From the Inside - Out

Sure, your skin holds everything in, but it does SO MUCH MORE than that!

Your skin is the first thing that comes into contact with the outside world. It plays an important role in immune health and even provides the body with vital nutrients. Yet, so many take it for granted. During this session, I will discuss the role nutrition plays in keeping this organ functioning at its best from the inside out. 


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Foundations of a Nutrition Practice - Quick Recap and Follow-up Q&A

This session will serve as a brief recap of the major points covered during the “Foundations of a Nutritional Practice” course. The session will give attendees the opportunity to bring up any questions or issues they may have encountered while putting what they learned into practice.

Register for the “Foundations of a Nutrition Practice” and get the most benefit.

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Natural Approaches to Allergy Season

Lunch Edition:  Short and sweet. Perfect for a quick break while you eat!
It’s that time of year again! 
Temperatures are rising, birds are chirping, flowers are ….aaaachooo!… Allergies are here!
How can you help manage your client’s allergies without all the bad side effects of OTC medication?
I’ll break it down for you and give you my favorite product combinations to support your clients and make Spring something to look forward to again. Join me!


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Therapeutic Dosing

Easy! Just follow the recommended dose on the bottle, right?
It may not be as simple as that.
Most products will give you a recommended dose and then go on to say “…or as directed.”
How can you determine what dose is appropriate for the client? Join me as I discuss the factors you want to consider before putting together a protocol for your client’s needs.

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My Favorite Immune Support Combinations

We all know the many wonderful immune support products offered by Standard Process and MediHerb, but have you ever wondered how to best combine them to get the best results? Join me tomorrow as I share my favorite combinations. There is a combo that will suit any client!

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